艺术家概念套房 | 安坻套房(902房)艺术品介绍

902 御村紗也.jpg

线 line


Saya Mimura


mixed technique on panel

h606 w410 d25



“Something seen or felt is a scene only occurring on that one occasion, never to be repeated. I sense beauty in such transient, ephemeral scenes. My work is the process of picking up such scenes, using drawing or photography to preserve the otherwise insignificant phenomena that you would be unlikely to notice unless you were deliberately looking for them. Once preserved, I give them new existence as silkscreen prints or paintings. Choosing surface textures and colors seems akin to grasping something untouchable, like the scent of bubbles, with my hands. And the process of depicting such an ephemeral event is in its own way another ephemeral event.”

902 冈田佑里奈 Blank 034.JPG

空白 034. Blank 034.

冈田 佑里奈 Yurina Okada

面板,造型粘贴,图片 Panel, modeling paste, photo

h1167 w910 d50



“This work is composed of uncontrollable, accidental, unrepeatable occurrences. Transferring the image to a material and inducing cracks in the material gives the image movement. Modifying the relationship between the photograph and the image like this is a way of connecting myself to the photograph. Taking up this challenge means pioneering a new approach to photography.”

902 木津本丽 1.jpeg

呼吸 Breath

木津本丽Rei Kizumoto

丙烯板画acrylic on panel

h910 w1167 d40


902 木津本丽 2.jpeg

风暴前夕 Before the storm

木津本丽Rei Kizumoto

布面丙烯 acrylic on canvas

h727 w606 d20


902 木津本丽 3.jpeg

枝叶:2 Foliage:2

木津本丽Rei Kizumoto

丙烯板画 acrylic on panel

h530 w455 d20



“Plants have made their way into my life in various forms ever since I was a child. Each tree or flower has its own natural shape, but we change the shapes of these plants in our daily lives. My practice involves using paint to produce pieces of plants and planes of color, and then, thinking of how the colors combine in the space, placing them together on the canvas like a puzzle, sometimes cutting or tearing them to fit. To me, painting is a process of going back and forth across the border between organic plant shapes and inorganic planes of color.”

902 新井碧.jpg

景观#3 Landscape #3

新井 碧

Midori Arai

布面油画oil on canvas

h910 w652 d50



“Based on the concept of thinking about the limited nature of life, as appropriate for an age of coexistence with nature, my canvases are compositions of strokes and outlines endowed with physicality, along with subconsciously drawn lines and blank spaces. This approach readily reflects emotions and noise from the human body, bringing the passage of the artist’s time into the canvas and producing paintings that act as traces.”

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