•NO112凝聚I NO112 Cohesion I,布面丙烯acrylic on canvas,h400 w300,2022

•NO133核心NO133Nucleus,布面丙烯acrylic on canvas,h400 w300,2022

•NO125凝聚II NO125Cohesion II,布面丙烯acrylic on canvas,h400 w300,2022


Regarding the intensity of paintings, the artist presents light as the topic, and usually depicts it as a glimmer wrapped in shadows. As an artist and engineer, Wang Tingchen is a typical cyber youth, but the light of cyber in his works is not expressed as the rigid and mundane vitality. Thus, we have every reason to believe that the artist, sensitive to the intensity of the light, is intentionally avoiding preconceived expectations that people may hold because of his age, major, topics and other factors. In the artist his own words, “Light has always been associated with meanings such as future or redemption, usually pointing to people two different paths, the rescue of the God, or super-human saving himself. I intend to keep my expression at a restrained distance from both”


分割2021-4 Break up a space 2021-4

李家瑞 Li Jiarui

布面丙烯 acrylic on canvas

h60 w60cm




I like to implant emotions in paintings.

Only through painting can I fully express my inner thoughts and give attention to people’s feelings. That’s why I include many expressions in my paintings. Naturally, I focus more on minimalist style. Restraint and cautious, each stroke is an experiment whose boundary has been framed. The canvas presents a restricted frame, constituting a virtual limited space. Lines, the most basic element in a painting, reveal the relationship between objects. It is an attempt to achieve the co-existence of sense and sensibility, striking a balance between cold abstraction, internal tension and emotional expressions, and visual impact.


此间的风景-12  The scenery here-12

刘鹏 Liu Peng

布面油画 oil on canvas

h650 w1200




For me, a vibrant and expressive flat or abstract structure is extremely attractive because it is easier to find a purely subjective expression and self-expression here, to get my own way in the structure and color organization of the picture, as well as in the use of shapes, and to focus on releasing a sense of chaos between appearance and depth, reality and imagination through the lines, color blocks and surfaces of the composition, to transcend the sense in order to seek imagination and write my own landscape.

Most of my works are composed of ordinary landscapes, scenes and still objects and other common but easily neglected fragments of life, showing the idea of “everyday” that where there is light and there are colors. Painting is thus brought back to the picture itself, conveying a unique touching meaning in temporality.


绘画性研究-513笔触 Painting research - 513 strokes

张鸿禹 Zhang Hongyu

布面油画 oil on canvas

h1200 w800



This is one piece of Zhang Hongyu’s pictorial research series, and the brushstroke begins to change. Randomly appearing effects take over the focus of the canvas so that the painting experience becomes the main approach to creation. There is also a constant use of addition and subtraction at the level of painting, marked by the overlaid experience as well as points of brush strokes.

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