Meandering in this “Hundred-Year Old Architecture Museum of Hankow”

Or intoxicated with the historical stories

Or just lost in the corner of the alley

This is a hero’s city——Wuhan’s tenacity

This is a vigorous city——Wuhan’s vitality

HOTEL ANDI nestles along Yangtze River, adjacent to Jianghan Pedestrian Street

It is a serene spot for heart for people who travel on the road

It is a yearning for a hometown where you can dock by

It is a hub for linking artists around the world

A unique and memorable “Unique Art Hotel" + " Extraordinary Art Space”

Co-Designed by Artists and senior hotel specialists 

who aspire distinctive experiences

Where you can break through the banal concerns and 

return to your inner balance and cleansing

Fully exploring the “lodging” function of a hotel

to empower the hotel’s ability to gather by Art

And to forge a place for leisure for people who love fine life and artistic style

In common we feel, experience and enjoy a better life

Hotel room
Various Types  68 Rooms  23-120 m²

Focusing on the balance of material selection, design and aesthetics,

with an attitude of peeling through complexity to reach to the core, 

we carefully select amenities for each room,

we create an extreme simplicity for the "shore" of HOTEL ANDI.

Supporting Facility

People who love art or people who travel for business 

or those who enjoy a short stay,

can choose either to do fitness in the morning, 

or to overlook the bustling street early night, 

or immerse themselves in the trances of those artist works,

whichever it is, it will be yours to find.

  • Snacks Corner
  • Gym
  • Meeting room
  • Laundromat
No. 20, Jianghan Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan, China.
Contact number:(86 27) 5981 9988
Depart from the train station
Driving distance is about 9 kilometers,It takes about 20 minutes
Metro Line 2 to Jianghan Road Station takes about 25 minutes
Depart from Tianhe Airport
The driving distance is approximately 30 kilometers and takes approximately 45 minutes
Metro Line 2 to Jianghan Road Station takes about 60 minutes
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