Simple and to the effect, without extra strokes 

Here, less is more.

Focusing on the balance of material selection, design and aesthetics,

With an attitude of peeling through complexity to reach to the core, we carefully select amenities for each room,

For people pursuing unique experiences,

We create an extreme simplicity for the "shore" of HOTEL ANDI.

HOTEL ANDI has 68 high-quality guest rooms, ranging from 23 square meters to 120 square meters in various room types for various needs. All rooms are mainly decorated with wood, cotton, linen and other natural materials, and are equipped with superior five-star hotel luxury products and user-friendly facilities, for example, the toiletries from the fashion emperor KARL LAGERFELD, Dyson hair dryer, TOTO smart toilet, five-star premium bedding, TEAWITH Kettle (茶素材汀壶) that makes boiling water exquisite, and matching drip coffee bags, quality natural matcha etc. For the discerning guests who are particular about their tastes, we create an extremely minimal "shore" of HOTEL ANDI, and provide a place of stay for temporary meditation and calming to truth. On the 8th floor, it has specially designed 3 party terrace suites, self-service BBQ areas and bubble pool, which breaks the traditional suite model and aims to be the better choice for friends to gathering. On the 9th floor, the hotel owns 2 artist concept suites, in which you will experience rooms Co-Designed by Artists with different notions on "living", last but not least, a low-key luxurious ANDI suite.
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