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The "HOTEL ANDI" is inspired by the Japanese hotel brand "HOTEL ANTEROOM" by UDS. The original team from UDS which has created HOTEL ANTEROOM, with UDS' wholly-owned subsidiary UDS CHINA and Wuhan Townscape Asset Management Group LLC. affiliated with Wuhan Tourism  Group are planning and preparing this new hotel. The permanent artworks and selected artworks in Art Suites at HOTEL ANDI are provided by sculptor Kohei Nawa, who has long-term cooperation with "HOTEL ANTEROOM”, and his artist team Sandwich. The design team is composed of UDS. and its wholly-owned subsidiary UDS CHINA. And the hotel is to be operated and managed by Wuhan Townscape Asset Management Group.

The hotel brand was born in the post-pandemic era. During this moment, people start to grow a new layer of understanding towards travel, public space, and communication among people. "ANDI" is still a hotel in its core, but at the same time exploring opportunities for communication between visitors and its city, creating the unique and unforgettable "Unique Art Hotel" + " Extraordinary Art Space" with the artist and senior specialists who aspire distinctive hotel dreams. Bridged with art and culture, the hotel is forging a platform connecting dreamers in various fields, renowned masters of art, designers and photographers. It displays the function of the hotel in accommodation, meanwhile giving it a new attribute of "gathering" with art, providing a place of recreation for people who adore life and art. Together to perceive, comprehend, and enjoy fabulous life experiences.

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HOTEL ANDI TOWNSCAPE WUHAN, affiliated with Wuhan Tourism & Sports Group,  is a  “Unique Art Hotel + Extraordinary Art Space” by artist and senior specialists who aspire for unique hotel dreams. It is located on Jianghan Pedestrian Street, the former site of "Yongli Bank", adjacent to Hankow Customs House. 

The hotel is planning to open in December 2021. Now we have several positions are available:

  • Technician & Security Officer
  • Commis
  • Restaurant Waiter/Waitress
  • Public Attendant
  • Reception
  • Bar Waiter/Waitress

  • Room Attendant

  • Steward Attendant

Employee Benefits
(图1) Provided with employee dormitories and working meals.
(图1) Two days off per week, five social insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave.
(图1) Employee birthday gifts, traditional holiday gifts.
(图1) Provided with professional training, cross-training and promotion potential.
Miss Cheng  15342237775   /  Mr Wang 18086466447  
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