The Muse Gallery interlinks visionaries from various fields, world famous artist, designer, photographer, it is a hub for cross-nation creators,

Here they are conversing about city and life through artwork

Here you can listen to artworks’ “cries” and “whispers”

to reflect on the past, mind the present and sense the future.


Welcome to all the young artists worldwide to create and present works here.

Coming soon.
  • Location HOTEL ANDI 2F
  • Duration 09:30 - 18:00
  • Contact  (86 27)5981 9988
Artwork Introduction
Venue use

The Muse Gallery on the second floor is a creative exchange and interactive space. It can hold exhibitions, lectures, parties or business activities, etc. Standardized with a white box of an art gallery, it also has professional adjustable lighting fixture, sound equipment, plus exhibited works can be hung on the wall.


For inquiries and reservations, please call: (86 27) 5981 0080

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