Time spent here is transformed into the fragrance of nice food, beautiful drinks and mellow coffee,

Through the shift of the sun, music, light and delicacy all swing by.

When the first light in the morning explores in, that calls for a breakfast time.

When the light of neon ducks in at night,it switches on the happy hour.

Perfect timing and perfect flavor send you right into the time travel by HOTEL ANDI.

The Meals & Drinks of HOTEL ANDI is an all-day dining restaurant that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, bar services and room services. The design of the restaurant has adopted natural sunlight complemented with lighting effects during the day, and RGB lighting installation at night, so to create two very different atmospheres from day and night. The seamless transition from food to designed-environment opens up a new slice of life experience.

  • Meals & Drinks (Ground Floor · 76 seats)
  • Opening hours 06:30-22:30
  • Reservation Number (86 27)5981 9988

In the long and meandering river of history line, 

Each architecture has an ink of its own memory, 

“The Red Flag Whisky Bar”inherits its name from its ancestor building “Red Flag Building” 

Sealing a piece of memory and story intact.

It is stocked with single malt whisky globally, special cocktails, 

non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

  • Red Flag Whisky Bar  (Sixth Floor · 30 seats)
  • Opening hours 18:00-02:00 am
  • Reservation Number (86 27) 5981 9988
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