Artwork Introduction
Public Area Artwork Introduction

1F 名和晃平.jpg


Kohei Nawa

paint on canvas

h1600 w1600 d60


“Direction” is a series of paintings, in which ink pigment is dripped from the top edge of the canvas, and composes dots, lines, and fields through its movement. At the artist’s studio, the canvases are mounted vertically and angled by 15 degrees. Ink, engineered to the required viscosity, slowly descends on the surface and cuts through the square grid of the canvas mesh at the fixed angle—manifesting the visible effects of gravity that dictate the movement and speed of the liquid material. 

903 鲛岛 (3).jpg

Call(Stratum's call and pray)

Yui Samejima

Paint on canvas 

50 h1400 w1600 d50


1F 鲛岛 shrine.jpeg


Yui Samejima

cotton cloth,oil,acrylic on panel

h1455 w1455 d40


“I create and exhibit paintings based on the theme of connecting the visible and the invisible. I began to question the concept of faith, and the spirituality of believing in the invisible and trying to feel it with all senses—which has been rooted unconsciously in people since ancient times. To use the sense of touch to grasp what cannot be understood by sight alone, I create small objects that I call yorishiro, and construct paintings by taking fragments of images that expand from there, combining them from multifaceted perspectives. By mixing the ‘real’ and the ‘imaginary’ on the canvas, I attempt to connect the visible and the invisible or show the boundaries between the two.” 


Star Child

Mika Shinagawa

Oil and acrylic on canvas, panel

h1300 w1630 d45


“Things and occurrences are not simple. They are multilayered entities containing beauty, richness, ugliness, insanity, and much more. Because of that, I attempt to produce works that can be interpreted differently by everyone who sees them, so that no two people have the same experience. My motifs are the ambiguity and two-fold nature that I find in children, such as the known/unknown, cuteness/scariness, and sanity/madness. These dichotomies can be found in me, too. They are universal qualities that everyone has to some extent, and they can be considered an essential inner space.” 

1F 油野愛子.jpg

IRIS (Narrative)

Aiko Yuno

spray, resin, acrylic on canvas

h1455 w1120 d45


“At moments when things that appeared large to me as a child suddenly seem small, or moments when I notice the loss or changing state of things that I had once been able to see or feel, I sense my small childhood self  - living alongside me, now fused with the person she wanted to become. My work is interwoven with a familiar lonesomeness, unease about growing up, and the differences between the realities of the everyday world I see today and the dreams and aspirations I once had for my future. Inspired by memories and experiences from when I was small, I attempt to express our imperfect world through the things that make me sad, the things that make me happy, and through the momentary impulses of emotions like anger.”

1F 顾剑亨 Dark Mountain009.jpg

Dark Mountain 009

Kenryo Gu

inkjet print

h1200 w1800


“Coal has been used as fuel ever since the Industrial Revolution. As part of my research into coal, I visited a coal yard in Inner Mongolia, which is the largest coal producer in China. Despite the cacophony of coal conveyors and dump trucks, all I could see was the sky and the immense, dark mountain. It was the scene of a noisy and fragile metropolis born out of overwhelming human activity propagating at a pace that threatens to use up all natural resources, incessantly shifting the dark mountain. The appearance was of a contemporary version of a Shanshui landscape painting, with a beauty derived from PM2.5 air pollutants, enveloping the city and heating up the whole world.”

Hotel Reception Artwork Introduction


I’m still alive

Kanako Shintaku

Satin paper, Inkjet Print, Aluminum composite board processing

h1000 w1000


“From time to time I remove all my garments and cover myself with paint. The paints mixing together on my skin make me forget who I am, and the fact that I have the body of a human being. This action began not from simple desire or impulse, but out of a necessity to do this in order to keep on living as myself. At times in my everyday life when actuality is fading away, and I seem likely to lose any sense of being here at all, covering myself with paint reminds me that I exist in this world, right at this moment, and reassures me that I am still alive.”

Artist's Vision

1F安坻酒店 艺术家遐想.jpg

It is a collection of digital artworks of the Japanese sculptor Nawa Kohei and a dozen of artists from all over the world. Video images are flowing through the space and time, inducing random deja vu with visitors for a moment of reverie. The collections hope to create a soulful conversation with people who have laid their eyes on them. In that exact moment , it wants you to be present with your inner self and soul.

Hotel Elevator Artwork Introduction


Tortoise Mountain TV Tower

Kenryo Gu

inkjet print

h2420 w4830



Wuhan Greenland Center

Kenryo Gu

inkjet print

h2420 w4830


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